***NOTICE:  Due to the Coronavirus Situation, Public Classes at our Brick and Mortar Location
at 4400 S. University Parks Dr. Waco, Texas 76706 will not be held until the 1st week of May 2020 OR
UNTIL CITY/STATE Bans on gyms are lifted, which ever is later.  FOR NOW, all students whose dues 
are current and paid and are considered "ACTIVE STUDENTS" may participate in our ONLINE
VIRTUAL CLASSROOM.  This classroom is separate from the brick and mortar classes and FREE
OF CHARGE to active students and lessons given are in an interactive video format in a private setting
and will enhance the lessons you have learned at the brick and mortar location.  If you have not 
Recieved an "INVITE" to the private Virtual Classroom, please Contact SiFu Crider for more details.   

-SiFu Crider
APRIL 2, 2020

Regular Class Schedule will Resume after quarantines are lifted and will be as follows:

After School Classes for Ages 6-12 Mon,Tues,Wed, Thurs 5pm-6pm $65 per month no contracts.

   SCHEDULE 1: $110 per month*
  Tuesdays:        Senior (Advanced) Students Class 6p-7p  **     Regular Classes       7pm to 9pm
     Thursdays:      Senior (Advanced) Students Class 6p-7p **     Regular Classes       7pm to 9pm
Sundays:         4pm to 6pm.

    SCHEDULE 2: $150 per month*
  Mondays:        Senior (Advanced) Students Class 6p-7p **      Regular Classes       7pm to 9pm
     Wednesdays:   Senior (Advanced) Students Class 6p-7p **     Regular Classes       7pm to 9pm
Sundays:         4pm to 6pm. 

   Morning Classes: $150 per month*
  Tuesdays:          Regular Classes       10am to 12pm
     Wednesdays:     Regular Classes       10am to 12pm
     Thurssdays:      Regular Classes       10am to 12pm
BOTH Schedule 1 or 2 Evening Classes AND Morning Classes: $185 per month*
Note: Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 classes
*Two schedules have been developed to encourage larger class sizes.  Once schedule 1 is filled, the
price for schedule two will reduce to $110 per month.  Any student attending ALL of their classes
during any week for their schedule may come to any and all classes of BOTH Schedules on the 
following week at no extra charge.  In this fashion those students who wish to do so, may attend
5 classes per week for the same monthly fee.

  **NOTE: The 6p-7p Senior/Advanced Student Class is open to all students of 4 months or longer. 
                    There is no additional monthly fee to attend this class.  

Free Women's Self Defense Class:  Thursdays 7p-9p

FBI statistics cite that women and persons with physical disabilities are twice as likely
to become victims of violence than other persons.
As a community Service, SiFu Crider offers 1 free class per week to any woman age 18 and over
open to participate on our regular Thursday Evening Class.

Also offered is free self defense training to persons who are legally declared physically disabled.
(See "Adaptive Martial Arts Training" below). For details please visit the school on any regular 
class or contact SiFu Crider.

NEW YEARS SPECIAL! Anyone signing up for Private Classes during January 2020 will secure
a rate of $40 per hour through the end of March 2020!


       Cancelled Classes due to holidays, weather or otherwise 
           will be announced on our Schools FB page
                 (Link at the the bottom of this page)

     Power Training & Iron Palm Class Schedule: 30 minutes before
     all regularly scheduled class times *(See below for more details)
     Adaptive Martial Arts Class Schedule: Sundays: By Appointment
     *(See below for more details)
     "CANE 'and' A.B.L.E. Fighting Science Seminar's": These Seminar's emphasize CANE fighting and (A.B.L.E.) ADAPTIVE BATTLE
     for LIMB-challenged EXTREMITIES.  Please see below for more details about the seminars and for information on venues and date.
                                       No Classes Will Be Held On Major & Federal Holidays or on Levitical Religious Observances. 

    This is a 6 Month Program meant to increase the students skills & also to prepare the student for handling the weapons
    (Dragon Pole/Butterfly Swords). There is no additional monetary fee to attend these sessions and they are immediately open to all senior
    students of SiFu Crider or any new student.  ALL STUDENTS are strongly encouraged to purchase the
    “SHADOWHAND WING CHUN POWER SPEED & FLEXIBILITY MANUAL” © from SiFu Doc Savage. These sell for $75 with free
    shipping on SiFu Doc Savage’s Florida based Shadowhand Wing Chun Kung Fu School Website.

     This training will be available to any student 30 minutes during the Senior (advanced) Student class and open to all students of any level
     before any regularly schedule class time, but it is the students responsibility to arrange such with SiFu Crider. 
     This is also the timeframe
in which SiFu Crider will teach and oversee Wing Chun Iron Palm Kung Fu techniques and training.  
     Students are encouraged to take advantage of this extra training but attendance is not mandatory.

     Sundays from 1pm to 3pm By Appointment ONLY
     (See “CANE ‘and’ A.B.L.E. Fighting Science Seminars” Section below for more details relating to ADAPTIVE Martial Arts Students).

LOCATION: As of November 1st, 2019 We are in a New Location!


              Located Just South of Baylor University Campus Housing
                      4400 S. University Parks Drive. Waco, Tx 76706


     Driving Directions
     At the Corner of  Hwy 6/Loop 340 and South University Parks Drive

     CANE ‘and’ A.B.L.E. Fighting Science Seminars:

       From time to time SiFu Crider conducts free self defense seminars for the mobility challenged community.

       A 2011 U.S. Department of Justice Report cites that persons of physical disabilities; based on actual crime statistics gathered by the
       F.B.I. from every police agency in every jurisdiction in the United States; are nearly twice (40%) MORE LIKELY to become victims
       of violent crime than their non-disabled peers in the same age group.

       For this reason, realizing there is a real threat for persons of disability establishing greater need for self defense training these seminars
       have been, are and will always be free to persons with mobility challenges.
       The name of these seminars is “CANE ‘and’ A.B.L.E. Fighting Science Seminars“tm and are divided into 3 sections comprising 4 hours
       and 15 minutes with 3 fifteen minute breaks between sections.

       SiFu Crider is the Offical Mixed Martial Arts Instructor for “THE EXTREMITY GAMES” and has been motivational speaker since 2011
       visiting Amputee Support Groups around the State of Texas speaking on his journey as both an amputee and a martial artist and giving
       mini-self defense seminars.

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